1 Communicating with patients

1 Communicating with patients

1.1 Communicate with patients and support their mental wellbeing to help alleviate any anxiety and fear they may have about COVID‑19. Point them to resources such as Kidney Care UK.

1.2 Some patients will have received a letter telling them they are at high risk of severe illness from COVID‑19. Tell them:

1.3 Tell patients to alert their dialysis unit if they are unwell. Ask them and their carers to report COVID‑19 relevant symptoms before leaving home to attend the dialysis unit.

1.4 Minimise face-to-face contact by:

  • offering telephone or video consultations

  • cutting non-essential face-to-face follow up

  • using home-delivery services for medicines

  • using local services for blood tests.

1.5 Tell patients who still need to attend services to follow relevant parts of government advice on social distancing (this differs across the UK). [amended 21 May 2020]