1 Communicating with patients and minimising risk

1 Communicating with patients and minimising risk

1.1 For patients with COVID‑19 symptoms explain:

  • that the typical symptoms are cough, fever, and loss of sense of smell or taste, but they may also have breathlessness (which may cause anxiety), delirium (which may cause agitation), fatigue, headache, muscle aches and sore throat

  • that they and people caring for them should follow the UK guidance on self-isolation and the UK guidance on protecting vulnerable people

  • that if the symptoms are mild they are likely to feel much better in a week

  • who to contact if their symptoms get worse, for example NHS 111 online. [amended 26 May 2020]

1.2 Communicate with patients and support their mental wellbeing, signposting to charities and support groups where available, to help alleviate any anxiety and fear they may have about COVID‑19.

1.3 Minimise face-to-face contact by: