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About this information

About this information

NICE gives advice to doctors, nurses and other staff about how to look after people with different health conditions. This information is about the care that NICE says works best for children and young people who have type 1 diabetes. Your diabetes care team should know about what NICE has said.

This information will tell you about what care NICE says you should expect and help you ask questions about it. It won't tell you lots about what it is like to have type 1 diabetes. And it won't tell you things like how to check your blood, or how to give yourself an injection. Your diabetes team will explain all this, and answer any questions you have. There is a list of other groups that can help at the end of this information.

Who should read it?

This information is for children and young people who have type 1 diabetes, or who are having tests to see if they have type 1 diabetes.

It's important that you and your parents or other carers know what treatments and care you should have, if you want it.

We've written this information with older children and young people (12–18) in mind.

Parents and carers: it's really important that you read this information too so you know about the treatment and care the child you care for should be having.