Do no do examples

Do no do examples for Type 2 diabetes in adults: management
Title Year published Impact Level
Do not offer antiplatelet therapy (aspirin or clopidogrel) for adults with type 2 diabetes without cardiovascular disease. [new 2015] December 2016 Unclassified
Do not routinely offer self-monitoring of blood glucose levels for adults with type 2 diabetes unless: the person is on insulin or there is evidence of hypoglycaemic episodes or the person is on oral medication that may increase their risk of hypoglycaemia while driving or operating machinery or the person is pregnant, or is planning to become pregnant. For more information, see the NICE guideline on diabetes in pregnancy. [new 2015] December 2016 Unclassified
In adults with type 2 diabetes, review the dose of metformin if the estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) is below 45 ml/minute/1.73m2: Stop metformin if the eGFR is below 30 ml/minute/1.73m2. Prescribe metformin with caution for those at risk of a sudden deterioration in kidney function and those at risk of eGFR falling below 45ml/minute/1.73m2.[2015] December 2016 Unclassified
In adults with type 2 diabetes, do not offer or continue pioglitazone[4] if they have any of the following: heart failure or history of heart failure hepatic impairment diabetic ketoacidosis current, or a history of, bladder cancer uninvestigated macroscopic haematuria.[new 2015] December 2016 Unclassified
Only continue GLP-1 mimetic therapy if the person with type 2 diabetes has had a beneficial metabolic response (a reduction of at least 11 mmol/mol [1.0%] in HbA1c and a weight loss of at least 3% of initial body weight in 6 months). [2015] December 2016 Unclassified