Birthrate Plus® Workforce Planning Methodology and Birthrate Plus® Intrapartum Acuity Tool

Birthrate Plus Associates Ltd have produced a safe staffing toolkit that supports the majority of factors in the NICE guideline on safe midwifery staffing for maternity settings necessary for the determination of maternity staffing requirements for establishment setting. The toolkit supports:

  • Factors needed in setting maternity staff establishments with the exception of bed utilisation and patient turnover. The standard output unit is whole time equivalent (WTE). Any conversion to maternity care hours needs to be formulated outside of the resource.
  • “Real-time” assessments of maternity staff levels during the intrapartum phase of care in relation to patient needs.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of long term maternity staffing establishment.

The resource encourages the use of professional judgement in the final determination of maternity safe staffing levels in line with the guideline.


Endorsed resources are complementary information from sources outside of NICE. This resource has been developed by Birthrate Plus Associates Ltd and is not maintained by NICE. NICE has not made any judgement about the quality and usability of the resource. NICE has not tested the decision algorithms embedded in the resource. In the event of any issues or errors, please contact Birthrate Plus Associates Ltd.

This page was last updated: 27 June 2016