Putting this guideline into practice

Putting this guideline into practice

Putting a guideline fully into practice can take months to years. This depends on how much change in practice or services is needed. Implementing change is most effective when aligned with local priorities.

Here are some pointers to help put NICE guidelines into practice:

1. Raise awareness through routine communication channels, such as email or newsletters, regular meetings, internal staff briefings and other communications with all relevant partner organisations.

2. Identify a lead with an interest in the topic to champion the guideline and motivate others to support its use and make service changes, and to find out any significant issues locally.

3. Carry out a baseline assessment against the recommendations to find out whether there are gaps in current service provision. Think about what data you need to measure improvement and plan how you will collect it. You may need to work with other health and social care organisations and specialist groups to compare current practice with the recommendations. This may also help identify local issues that will slow or prevent implementation.

4. Develop an action plan with the steps needed to put the guideline into practice. Recognise that it may take several years. Include milestones and the business case, which will set out additional costs, savings and possible areas for disinvestment. A small project group should develop the action plan. The group should include the guideline champion, a senior organisational sponsor, staff involved in the associated services (including those who would form part of the multidisciplinary team), finance and information professionals.

5. Implement the action plan with oversight from the lead and the project group with project management support.

6. Review and monitor how well the guideline is being implemented through the project group. Share progress with those involved in making improvements, as well as relevant boards and local partners.

NICE provides a comprehensive programme of support and resources to maximise uptake and use of evidence and guidance. See our into practice pages for more information.

Also see Leng G, Moore V, Abraham S, editors (2014) Achieving high quality care – practical experience from NICE. Chichester: Wiley.

  • National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)