2 Who should take action?


The guideline is for those with an interest in health and housing. They could be working in local authorities, the NHS or other organisations in the public, private, voluntary and community sectors. It is also aimed at:

  • utility companies, particularly energy suppliers and energy distribution companies

  • others responsible for providing and maintaining heating systems and insulation in the home.

In addition, it will be of relevance to families, carers and other members of the public.

Who should do what at a glance

Who should take action


Department of Energy and Climate Change


Environmental health officers


Faith and voluntary sector organisations

3, 6, 9

Health and wellbeing boards

1, 2, 3, 11

Housing services

3, 6, 12

Installation and maintenance contractors

6, 10

Local authorities


NHS England


Organisations that coordinate or offer training, or that register and set standards for practitioners (for instance, royal colleges and universities)

8, 9, 10

Public Health England


Primary healthcare practitioners

4, 5

Secondary healthcare practitioners

4, 7

Social care practitioners

4, 5, 7

Trading standards officers



3, 6, 10

Who should take action in detail

Recommendation 1

Health and wellbeing boards

Recommendation 2

Health and wellbeing boards

Recommendation 3

Health and wellbeing boards; local authorities; housing providers; energy utility and distribution companies; faith and voluntary sector organisations

Recommendation 4

Primary health and home care practitioners

Recommendation 5

Primary health and home care practitioners

Recommendation 6

People who do not work in health and social care services but who visit people at home, for instance: to carry out housing repairs, to read or install meters (including the installation of smart meters), or to provide general support or to socialise. This includes: faith and voluntary sector organisations; energy utility and distribution companies; housing professionals; installation and maintenance contractors

Recommendation 7

Secondary healthcare practitioners; social care practitioners

Recommendation 8

NHS England, universities and other training providers. This includes: accredited agencies that train practitioners in environmental health, nursing and allied professions, medicine and para‑medicine, environmental health and housing

Recommendation 9

Training providers including: Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, Chartered Institute of Housing, National Council for Voluntary Organisations, National Association for Community and Voluntary Action, National Housing Federation, Board Development Agency, further education colleges and accredited NVQ training agencies, universities

Recommendation 10

Employers who install and maintain heating systems, electricity and gas meters and building insulation; training providers including energy utility and distribution companies, further education colleges and accredited NVQ training agencies

Recommendation 11

Health and wellbeing boards; Public Health England; the Department of Energy and Climate Change

Recommendation 12

Building control officers; housing officers; environmental health officers; trading standards officers

  • National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)