End of life care for infants, children and young people: invitation for proposals to run focus group

Invitations for proposals to recruit and facilitate a focus group of young people who have a life-limiting condition.


The National Collaborating Centre for Women’s and Children’s Health hosted by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologistsis inviting proposals for a focus group project because we believe that the development of the guideline would be greatly enhanced with input from  children or young people with life-limiting conditions.

What is expected:

We would envisage that the focus group might need to have one or two meetings. The group of participants would be 13-18 year olds with life-limiting conditions. The number of young people to participate is not specified and we would leave that for your deliberation. The applying organisation would need to transcribe the focus group discussions, systematically summarise the discussion using thematic analysis and provide the results in a report that could be presented to the end of life care guideline committee.

Further information about this and how to apply are provided.


Should your organisation be interested in presenting a proposal please contact Kate Coles (Project Manager) – kcoles@rcog.org.uk by 5pm Monday 15 June to register interest. The final deadline for submitting proposals is 10am on 1 July 2015 by email to Kate Coles.

Questions would be welcomed up to the deadline for proposal submission. Please send any queries by email to Katharina Dworzynski (Senior Research Fellow and Guideline Lead) – kdworzynski@rcog.org.uk.

This page was last updated: 10 June 2015