Resource impact statement

Review resource impact at a local level

The guideline aims to improve peoples’ experiences of adult social care services. It is based on evidence about the views of people who use services and what is important to them in their care and support.

Local authorities and social care providers are able to measure themselves against standards based on the best available evidence set out in the guideline.

The resource impact will vary according to how local services are currently organised. This may involve the investment of additional resources or require existing resources to be used in a different way. Understanding how to implement the recommendations and whether additional resources will be needed, will take time and be undertaken at a local level.

Implementing the guideline will improve the overall quality of social care in England. The guideline may be cost saving where awareness of available services is raised. For example, raising people’s awareness of support services may help them to continue to live independently.

Adult social care services are commissioned by local authorities. Providers are community providers, primary care providers and voluntary organisations.

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