8 Acknowledgements

8 Acknowledgements

This guidance was developed by PHIAC supported by the NICE Project Team.

For details of PHIAC membership see appendix C.

The NICE Project Team comprised:

Mike Kelly
CPHE Director

Antony Morgan
Associate Director

Lesley Owen

Patti White

Bhash Naidoo
Health Economics Adviser

NICE is grateful for the input of the Academic and Public Health Consortium (APHC)[17], which carried out the reviews of the evidence of effectiveness, and the Centre for Health Economics (CHE), University of York, which carried out the cost-effectiveness review. The authors of the reviews of effectiveness were: Lindsay Stead (University of Oxford), Ann McNeill, Lion Shahab and Robert West (University College, London). The economic appraisal was undertaken by Steve Parrott and Christine Godfrey.

NICE would also like to thank the stakeholders who commented on the scope, the evidence base and the draft recommendations, including those who submitted evidence.

[17] APHC is a collaboration between Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) and University College London.