A list of downloadable documents created during development.

Background information

Smoking cessation: stakeholder consultation table

Smoking cessation and physical activity interventions - minutes of meeting 3, 28th February 2006

Smoking Cessation: Minutes of the Public Health Interventions Advisory Committee meeting held on 6 January 2006

List of Registered Stakeholders for Smoking Cessation 29-03-06

Smoking interventions guidance for consultation - 25 January 2006

Smoking Interventions stakeholder comments form on draft Guidance 25.01.06

Smoking cessation interventions - Synopsis (January 2006)

Smoking interventions - Economics modelling report 25 Jan 2006

Smoking interventions - Stakeholder comments on Synopsis 25 Jan 2006

Smoking Cessation - final scope

Smoking Cessation Scope Consultation - Comments Table

Smoking Cessation Intervention Scope