Appendix E: Supporting documents

Appendix E: Supporting documents

Supporting documents are available online. These include the following:

  • Evidence reviews:

    • Review 1: 'Which interventions are effective and cost effective in encouraging the establishment of smokefree homes?'

    • Review 2: 'Factors aiding delivery of effective interventions'

    • Review 3: 'The health consequences of pregnant women cutting down as opposed to quitting'.

  • Expert reports:

    • Expert report 1: 'The effectiveness of smoking cessation interventions during pregnancy: a briefing paper'

    • Expert report 2: 'Interventions to improve partner support and partner cessation during pregnancy'

    • Expert report 3: 'Rapid review of interventions to prevent relapse in pregnant ex-smokers'.

  • Economic modelling: 'The economic analysis of interventions for smoking cessation aimed at pregnant women'.

  • Fieldwork report: Consultation on NICE draft recommendations on quitting smoking in pregnancy and after childbirth: Report to the National institute for Health and Care Excellence'.

Also see how NICE public health guidelines are developed.

  • National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)