4 Implementation

4 Implementation

The Healthcare Commission assesses the performance of NHS organisations in meeting core and developmental standards set by the DH in 'Standards for better health' issued in July 2004. The implementation of NICE public health guidance will help organisations meet the standards in the public health (seventh) domain in 'Standards for better health'. These include the core standards numbered C22 and C23 and the developmental standard D13. In addition, implementation of NICE public health guidance will help meet the health inequalities target as set out in 'The NHS in England: the operating framework for 2006/7' (DH 2006).

NICE has developed tools to help organisations implement this guidance. The tools will be available on our website.

  • Costing tools:

    • costing report to estimate the national savings and costs associated with implementation

    • costing template to estimate the local costs and savings involved.

  • Slides highlighting key messages for local discussion.

  • Practical advice on how to implement the guidance and details of national initiatives that can provide support.

  • Audit criteria to monitor local practice.