4 Recommendations for research

4 Recommendations for research

The Public Health Interventions Advisory Committee (PHIAC) notes that current UK and US research being undertaken on 'expedited partner therapy' may inform future guidance in this area. The Committee recommends that the following research questions should be addressed in order to improve the evidence relating to one-to-one interventions in the UK.

1. What are the most effective and cost-effective methods of – and tools for – identifying individuals at high risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and under‑18 conceptions?

2. What are the key characteristics of an effective and cost-effective one-to-one discussion to reduce STIs and under‑18 conceptions among people who engage in high-risk behaviour?

3. What is the relative effectiveness and cost effectiveness of one-to-one interventions delivered by different health professionals and in different settings?

4. In the UK, what are the most effective and cost-effective methods of contacting, testing and treating partners of patients who have an STI, particularly those engaged in high-risk behaviour?

5. What utility scores should be applied to individuals with STIs and women who conceive under 18 to generate QALYs for use in cost-effectiveness analysis?

More detail on the evidence gaps identified during the development of this guidance is provided in appendix B.