4 Implementation

4 Implementation

NICE guidance can help:

  • Commissioners and providers of NHS services to meet the quality requirements of the DH's Operating framework for 2012/13. It can also help them to deliver against domain one of the NHS outcomes framework (preventing people from dying prematurely).

  • Local health and wellbeing boards to deliver on their requirements within Healthy lives, healthy people (2010).

  • Local authorities, NHS services and local organisations, determine how to improve health outcomes and reduce health inequalities during the joint strategic needs assessment process.

NICE guidance can also help commissioners and providers of services to meet the following indicators within the Department of Health's Public health outcomes framework for England:

  • Improve the wider determinants of health by utilising green space for exercise/health reasons.

  • Improve health by reducing excess weight among children (aged 4–5 and 10–11 years) and adults and increasing the proportion of physically active adults.

  • Protect health by reducing air pollution.

  • Prevent deaths from all cardiovascular diseases (including heart disease and stroke).

NICE has developed tools to help organisations put this guidance into practice. For details, see our website.

  • National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)