5 Recommendations for research

5 Recommendations for research

PHIAC recommends that the following research questions should be addressed in order to improve the evidence relating to workplace smoking cessation.

  1. What are the most effective and cost-effective smoking cessation interventions for different sectors of the workforce including:

    • men and women

    • younger and older workers

    • minority ethnic groups

    • temporary/casual workers

    • employees who, as part of their job, go into the homes of people who smoke.

  2. What are the most effective and cost effective ways for employers to encourage and support employees who smoke to quit?

  3. How can employers be encouraged to provide smoking cessation support?

  4. What are the short and long-term benefits for employers of providing staff with smoking cessation support and treatment?

  5. How can local NHS Stop Smoking Services provide employees of small, medium and large enterprises with effective and cost-effective smoking cessation support and treatments?

More detail on the evidence gaps identified during the development of this guidance is provided in appendix B.