11 Membership of the Public Health Advisory Committee and the NICE project team

11 Membership of the Public Health Advisory Committee and the NICE project team

Public Health Advisory Committee B

NICE has set up several Public Health Advisory Committees (PHACs). These standing committees consider the evidence and develop public health guidelines. Membership is multidisciplinary, comprising academics, public health practitioners, topic experts and members of the public. They may come from the NHS, education, social care, environmental health, local government or the voluntary sector. The following are members of PHAC B:


Alan Maryon-Davis
Honorary Professor of Public Health, Kings College London

Core members

Rachel Johns
Deputy Director of Service Delivery, Public Health England

Jo Cooke
Programme Manager, National Institute for Health Research, Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care, for South Yorkshire

Daniela DeAngelis
Programme Leader, Medical Research Council Biostatistics Unit, Cambridge

Richard Watt
Professor in Dental Public Health, University College London

Brendan Collins
Research Fellow in Health Economics, University of Liverpool

Jakki Cowley
Community core member

Topic members

Rebecca Harris
Professor of Dental Public Health, University of Liverpool

Sabrina Fuller
Head of Health Improvement, NHS England

Elizabeth Kay
Foundation Dean, Peninsula Dental School, Plymouth

Mandy Murdoch
Senior Public Health Strategist, Public Health for the London Boroughs of Camden & Islington

Peter Sims
General Medical Practitioner, Devon

Martin Landers
Topic community member

Expert co-optees to PHAC

Ben Atkins
General Dental Practitioner, Manchester

Expert testimony to PHAC

Graham Ball
Consultant in Dental Public Health, NHS Director Childsmile Programme

Carole Hill
Assistant Health Improvement Manager, Tameside & Glossop Health Improvement Service

NICE project team

Mike Kelly
CPH Director

Simon Ellis
Associate Director

Linda Sheppard
Lead Analyst

Charlotte Haynes

Clare Wohlgemuth

Claire Macleod

Lesley Owen
Technical Adviser Health Economics

Patricia Mountain
Project Manager

Denise Jarrett

Sue Jelley
Senior Editor

Susie Burlace and Susannah Strong

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