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Title Reference number Published Last updated
COVID-19 rapid guideline: children and young people who are immunocompromised Reference number:NG174 NG00174 Published:01 May 2020 20200501 Last updated:31 July 2020 20200731
Renal and ureteric stones Reference number:QS195 QS00195 Published:29 July 2020 20200729 Last updated:29 July 2020 20200729
COVID-19 rapid guideline: haematopoietic stem cell transplantation Reference number:NG164 NG00164 Published:01 April 2020 20200401 Last updated:29 July 2020 20200729
Prontosan for acute and chronic wounds Reference number:MIB220 MIB00220 Published:28 July 2020 20200728 Last updated:28 July 2020 20200728
COVID-19 rapid guideline: arranging planned care in hospitals and diagnostic services Reference number:NG179 NG00179 Published:27 July 2020 20200727 Last updated:27 July 2020 20200727
Artificial iris insertion for acquired aniridia Reference number:IPG674 IPG00674 Published:22 July 2020 20200722 Last updated:22 July 2020 20200722
Artificial iris insertion for congenital aniridia Reference number:IPG675 IPG00675 Published:22 July 2020 20200722 Last updated:22 July 2020 20200722
Remsima (infliximab biosimilar) for subcutaneous injection for managing rheumatoid arthritis Reference number:ES29 ES00029 Published:21 July 2020 20200721 Last updated:21 July 2020 20200721
Specialist neonatal respiratory care for babies born preterm Reference number:QS193 QS00193 Published:15 July 2020 20200715 Last updated:15 July 2020 20200715
CFHealthHub for managing cystic fibrosis during the COVID-19 pandemic Reference number:MIB219 MIB00219 Published:10 July 2020 20200710 Last updated:10 July 2020 20200710