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Title Reference number Published Last updated
Surgical site infection Reference number:QS49 QS00049 Published:31 October 2013 20131031 Last updated:31 October 2013 20131031
Bile acid malabsorption: colesevelam Reference number:ESUOM22 ESUOM00022 Published:29 October 2013 20131029 Last updated:29 October 2013 20131029
Weight management: lifestyle services for overweight or obese children and young people Reference number:PH47 PH00047 Published:23 October 2013 20131023 Last updated:23 October 2013 20131023
Ocriplasmin for treating vitreomacular traction Reference number:TA297 TA00297 Published:23 October 2013 20131023 Last updated:23 October 2013 20131023
Ovarian cancer (advanced): bevacizumab 7.5 mg/kg in combination with paclitaxel and carboplatin for first-line treatment Reference number:ESUOM21 ESUOM00021 Published:22 October 2013 20131022 Last updated:22 October 2013 20131022
Lower urinary tract symptoms secondary to benign prostatic hyperplasia: tadalafil Reference number:ESNM18 ESNM00018 Published:23 May 2013 20130523 Last updated:14 October 2013 20131014
Faecal calprotectin diagnostic tests for inflammatory diseases of the bowel Reference number:DG11 DG00011 Published:02 October 2013 20131002 Last updated:02 October 2013 20131002
Postural hypotension in adults: fludrocortisone Reference number:ESUOM20 ESUOM00020 Published:01 October 2013 20131001 Last updated:01 October 2013 20131001