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Published guidance, NICE advice and quality standards
TitleReference numberPublishedLast updated
Tumour profiling tests to guide adjuvant chemotherapy decisions in early breast cancerDG58
Artificial intelligence (AI)-derived software to help clinical decision making in strokeDG57
Devices for remote monitoring of Parkinson's diseaseDG51
Quantitative faecal immunochemical testing to guide colorectal cancer pathway referral in primary careDG56
AI-derived computer-aided detection (CAD) software for detecting and measuring lung nodules in CT scan imagesDG55
FibroScan for assessing liver fibrosis and cirrhosis outside secondary and specialist careDG48
Transperineal biopsy for diagnosing prostate cancerDG54
Automated ankle brachial pressure index measurement devices to detect peripheral arterial disease in people with leg ulcersDG52
MRI fusion biopsy systems for diagnosing prostate cancerDG53
MRI-based technologies for assessing non-alcoholic fatty liver diseaseDG50
PLGF-based testing to help diagnose suspected preterm pre-eclampsiaDG49
Freelite assays for diagnosing multiple myeloma and related conditions (terminated assessment)DG47
PredictSURE IBD and IBDX to guide treatment of Crohn's diseaseDG45
EarlyCDT Lung for assessing risk of lung cancer in solid lung nodulesDG46
SeHCAT (tauroselcholic [75 selenium] acid) for diagnosing bile acid diarrhoeaDG44
QAngio XA 3D QFR and CAAS vFFR imaging software for assessing coronary stenosis during invasive coronary angiographyDG43
Testing strategies for Lynch syndrome in people with endometrial cancerDG42
Implantable cardiac monitors to detect atrial fibrillation after cryptogenic strokeDG41
High-sensitivity troponin tests for the early rule out of NSTEMIDG40
Tests to help assess risk of acute kidney injury for people being considered for critical care admission (ARCHITECT and Alinity i Urine NGAL assays, BioPorto NGAL test and NephroCheck test)DG39
SepsiTest assay for rapidly identifying bloodstream bacteria and fungiDG20
Point-of-care creatinine devices to assess kidney function before CT imaging with intravenous contrastDG37
Rapid tests for group A streptococcal infections in people with a sore throatDG38
Therapeutic monitoring of TNF-alpha inhibitors in rheumatoid arthritisDG36
Lead-I ECG devices for detecting symptomatic atrial fibrillation using single time point testing in primary careDG35
Biomarker tests to help diagnose preterm labour in women with intact membranesDG33
Adjunctive colposcopy technologies for assessing suspected cervical abnormalities: the DYSIS colposcope with DYSISmap and the ZedScan IDG32
Atrial fibrillation and heart valve disease: self-monitoring coagulation status using point-of-care coagulometers (the CoaguChek XS system)DG14
Tests in secondary care to identify people at high risk of ovarian cancerDG31
New generation cardiac CT scanners (Aquilion ONE, Brilliance iCT, Discovery CT750 HD and Somatom Definition Flash) for cardiac imaging in people with suspected or known coronary artery disease in whom imaging is difficult with earlier generation CT scannersDG3
Multiple frequency bioimpedance devices to guide fluid management in people with chronic kidney disease having dialysisDG29
Virtual chromoendoscopy to assess colorectal polyps during colonoscopyDG28
Molecular testing strategies for Lynch syndrome in people with colorectal cancerDG27
High-throughput non-invasive prenatal testing for fetal RHD genotypeDG25
ImmunoCAP ISAC 112 for multiplex allergen testingDG24
Therapeutic monitoring of TNF-alpha inhibitors in Crohn's disease (LISA-TRACKER ELISA kits, IDKmonitor ELISA kits, and Promonitor ELISA kits)DG22
VivaScope 1500 and 3000 imaging systems for detecting skin cancer lesionsDG19
Procalcitonin testing for diagnosing and monitoring sepsis (ADVIA Centaur BRAHMS PCT assay, BRAHMS PCT Sensitive Kryptor assay, Elecsys BRAHMS PCT assay, LIAISON BRAHMS PCT assay and VIDAS BRAHMS PCT assay)DG18
Fluorouracil chemotherapy: The My5‑FU assay for guiding dose adjustmentDG16
Detecting, managing and monitoring haemostasis: viscoelastometric point‑of‑care testing (ROTEM, TEG and Sonoclot systems)DG13
Measuring fractional exhaled nitric oxide concentration in asthma: NIOX MINO, NIOX VERO and NObreathDG12
Faecal calprotectin diagnostic tests for inflammatory diseases of the bowelDG11
EGFR‑TK mutation testing in adults with locally advanced or metastatic non-small-cell lung cancerDG9
Intraoperative tests (RD‑100i OSNA system and Metasin test) for detecting sentinel lymph node metastases in breast cancerDG8
Depth of anaesthesia monitors – Bispectral Index (BIS), E-Entropy and Narcotrend-Compact MDG6
SonoVue (sulphur hexafluoride microbubbles) – contrast agent for contrast-enhanced ultrasound imaging of the liverDG5
The EOS 2D/3D imaging systemDG1

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