Quality statement 1: Appropriately trained staff

Quality statement

People with dementia receive care from staff appropriately trained in dementia care.

Quality measure

Structure: Evidence of local arrangements to provide and maintain up to date dementia training for staff.

Process: Proportion of staff working with people with dementia who have dementia care training.

Numerator – the number of staff who are trained in dementia care.

Denominator – the number of staff working with people with dementia.

What the quality statement means for each audience

Service providers ensure that all health and social care workers are appropriately trained in dementia care according to their roles and responsibilities.

Health and social care professionals who work with people with dementia ensure they receive training in dementia care consistent with their roles and responsibilities.

Commissioners ensure service providers have arrangements for training health and social care professionals in dementia care.

People with dementia can expect that the health and social care professionals who care for them will have dementia care training.

Data source

Structure: Local data collection. Acute Trusts can collect data on dementia awareness training using the National Audit of Dementia organisational checklist, section 7.

Process: Local data collection.