List of quality statements

List of quality statements

Statement 1. Women at low risk of complications during labour are given the choice of all 4 birth settings and information about local birth outcomes.

Statement 2. Women in established labour have one-to-one care and support from an assigned midwife.

Statement 3. This statement has been removed. For more details see update information.

Statement 4. Women at low risk of complications who have cardiotocography because of concern arising from intermittent auscultation have the cardiotocograph removed if the trace is normal for 20 minutes.

Statement 5. Women at low risk of complications are not offered amniotomy or oxytocin if labour is progressing normally.

Statement 6. Women do not have the cord clamped earlier than 1 minute after the birth unless there is concern about cord integrity or the baby's heartbeat.

Statement 7. Women have skin-to-skin contact with their babies after the birth.