Quality standard

Quality Standards Advisory Committee and NICE project team

Quality Standards Advisory Committee and NICE project team

Quality Standards Advisory Committee

This quality standard has been developed by Quality Standards Advisory Committee 4. Membership of this committee is as follows:

Miss Alison Allam
Lay member

Dr Harry Allen
Consultant Old Age Psychiatrist, Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust

Mrs Moyra Amess
Associate Director, Assurance and Accreditation, CASPE Health Knowledge Systems

Mrs Jane Bradshaw
Neurology Nurse Consultant, Nationwide

Mr Derek Cruickshank
Consultant Gynaecological Oncologist/Chief of Service, South Tees NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Allison Duggal
Consultant in Public Health, Public Health England

Dr Nadim Fazlani
Chair, Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group

Mr Tim Fielding
Consultant in Public Health, North Lincolnshire Council

Mrs Frances Garraghan
Lead Pharmacist Antimicrobials, Central Manchester Foundation Trust

Mrs Zoe Goodacre
Network Manager, South Wales Critical Care Network

Ms Nicola Hobbs
Assistant Director of Quality and Contracting, Northamptonshire County Council

Mr Roger Hughes
Lay member

Ms Jane Ingham
Chief Executive Officer, Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership

Mr John Jolly
Chief Executive Officer, Blenheim Community Drug Project, London

Dr Asma Khalil
Consultant in Maternal and Fetal Medicine and Obstetrics, St George's Medical School

Professor Damien Longson (Chair)
Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist, Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust

Mrs Annette Marshall
Independent Patient Safety Nurse, Palladium Patient Safety

Dr Rubin Minhas
GP Principal, Oakfield Health Centre, Kent

Mr Alaster Rutherford
Primary Care Pharmacist, NHS Bath and North East Somerset

Mr Michael Varrow
Policy and Analysis Officer, Association of Directors of Adult Social Services, London

Mr David Weaver
Head of Quality and Safety, North Kent Clinical Commissioning Group

The following specialist members joined the committee to develop this quality standard:

Dr Elizabeth Angier
GP, NHS Sheffield Teaching Hospital

Dr Trevor Brown
Consultant in Paediatric Medicine, The Ulster Hospital, Northern Ireland

Mrs Sue Clarke
Nurse Advisor Anaphylaxis Campaign and Health Visitor, SEPT West Essex

Ms Mandy East
Lay member

Dr Pamela Ewan
Consultant Allergist, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Isabel Skypala
Consultant Allergy Dietitian and Clinical Lead for Food Allergy, Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust

NICE project team

Associate Director
Nick Baillie

Consultant Clinical Adviser
Karen Slade

Programme Manager
Esther Clifford

Project Manager
Jenny Mills

Technical Adviser
Tony Smith

Technical Analyst
Thomas Walker

Lisa Nicholls