List of quality statements

List of quality statements

Statement 1. Local authority health promotion activities on preventing skin cancer and recognising early signs are consistent with the messages in any national campaigns.

Statement 2. GPs who manage low‑risk basal cell carcinoma, including GPs with a special interest (GPwSI), maintain and audit records of their caseload.

Statement 3. People with suspected malignant melanoma are referred using a suspected cancer pathway for an appointment within 2 weeks.

Statement 4. People with pigmented skin lesions undergoing a specialist assessment have the lesions examined using dermoscopy.

Statement 5. People with malignant melanoma or squamous cell carcinoma have access to a skin cancer clinical nurse specialist.

Statement 6. People with stage IB–IIC melanoma with a Breslow thickness of more than 1 mm have a discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of sentinel lymph node biopsy as a staging procedure.

Statement 7. People with unresectable or metastatic melanoma are offered genetic testing of the tumour.