The Topic Expert Group and NICE project team

The Topic Expert Group and NICE project team

Topic Expert Group

Mrs Angela Cloke
Patient/carer member

Ms Linda Glennie
Lay member

Professor Simon Kroll
Professor of Paediatrics, Imperial College London

Mrs Patricia Milne
Clinical Educator PICU, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Ms Sheila McQueen
Academic Head, Northumbria University

Dr Moira Mugglestone
Director of Guideline Development, National Collaborating Centre for Women's and Children's Health

Dr Simon Nadal
Consultant in Paediatric Intensive Care, St Mary's Hospital London

Professor Andrew Pollard (Chair)
Professor of Paediatric Infection & Immunity, University of Oxford

Dr Andrew Riordan
Consultant in Paediatric Infectious Diseases and Immunology, Alder Hey Children's NHS Foundation Trust

Mr Stuart Rowe
Senior Commissioning Manager, The London Specialised Commissioning Group

Dr Tina Sajjanhar
Consultant in Paediatric Emergency Medicine, University Hospital Lewisham

Dr Matthew Thompson
GP & Senior Clinical Scientist, University of Oxford Department of Primary Health Care Sciences

Dr Alistair Thomson
Consultant Paediatrician, Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Trust

NICE project team

Lorraine Taylor
Associate Director

Tim Stokes
Consultant Clinical Adviser

Rachel Neary
Programme and Project Manager

Anna Brett
Lead Technical Analyst

Lucy Spiller