Development sources

Evidence sources

The document below contains clinical guideline recommendations or other recommendations that were used by the Topic Expert Group to develop the quality standard statements and measures.

The epilepsies. NICE clinical guideline 137 (2012; NICE accredited).

Policy context

It is important that the quality standard is considered alongside current policy documents, including:

Royal College of Physicians and Association of British Neurologists (2011) Local adult neurology services for the next decade.

Department of Health (2006) Transition: getting it right for young people.

Department of Health (2005) The National Service Framework for long term conditions.

Department of Health (2003) Improving services for people with epilepsy: Department of Health action plan in response to the National Clinical Audit of epilepsy-related death.

Definitions and data sources for the quality measures

References included in the definitions and data sources sections:

Hospital Episode Statistics.