List of quality statements

List of quality statements

Statement 1. People with suspected hypertension are offered ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) to confirm a diagnosis of hypertension.

Statement 2. People with newly diagnosed hypertension receive investigations for target organ damage within 1 month of diagnosis.

Statement 3. This statement has been replaced by quality statements on primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease in cardiovascular disease risk assessment and lipid modification (NICE quality standard 100).

Statement 4. People with treated hypertension have a clinic blood pressure target set to below 140/90 mmHg if aged under 80 years, or below 150/90 mmHg if aged 80 years and over.

Statement 5. People with hypertension are offered a review of risk factors for cardiovascular disease annually.

Statement 6. People with resistant hypertension who are receiving 4 antihypertensive drugs and whose blood pressure remains uncontrolled are referred for specialist assessment.

Other quality standards that should also be considered when choosing, commissioning or providing a high-quality hypertension service are listed in related NICE quality standards.