Quality standard

The Topic Expert Group and NICE project team

The Topic Expert Group and NICE project team

Topic Expert Group

Professor Gerard Stansby
Professor of vascular surgery

Mr Scott Harrison
Lead pharmacist, anticoagulation

Professor Beverley Hunt
Professor of thrombosis and haemostasis consultant

Mr Roshan Agarwal
Senior lecturer/honorary consultant medical oncologist

Mr David Berridge
Divisional medical manager oncology and consultant vascular surgeon

Ms Hayley Flavell
Anticoagulant and thrombosis consultant nurse

Dr Nigel Langford
Acute medical physician

Dr Steven Moser
Consultant radiologist

Dr Karen Sheares
Respiratory consultant with an interest in pulmonary vascular diseases

Dr Richard Day
Consultant geriatrician

Mr Christian Clark
Patient member

Ms Susan Ballard
Patient member

Professor David Fitzmaurice
General practitioner

Dr Lee‑Yee Chong
NCGC representative

NICE project team

Dylan Jones
Associate director

Tim Stokes
Consultant clinical adviser

Rachel Neary
Programme manager

Gavin Flatt
Lead technical analyst

Esther Clifford
Project manager

Jenny Harrisson