List of quality statements

List of quality statements

Statement 1. Pregnant women who have had 1 or more previous caesarean sections have a documented discussion of the option to plan a vaginal birth.

Statement 2. Pregnant women who request a caesarean section (when there is no clinical indication) have a documented discussion with members of the maternity team about the overall risks and benefits of a caesarean section compared with vaginal birth.

Statement 3. Pregnant women who request a caesarean section because of anxiety about childbirth are referred to a healthcare professional with expertise in perinatal mental health support.

Statement 4. Pregnant women who may require a planned caesarean section have consultant involvement in decision-making.

Statement 5. Pregnant women having a planned caesarean section have the procedure carried out at or after 39 weeks 0 days, unless an earlier delivery is necessary because of maternal or fetal indications.

Statement 6. Women being considered for an unplanned caesarean section have a consultant obstetrician involved in the decision.

Statement 7. Women in labour for whom a caesarean section is being considered for suspected fetal compromise are offered fetal blood sampling to inform decision-making.

Statement 8. Women who have had a caesarean section are offered a discussion and are given written information about the reasons for their caesarean section and birth options for future pregnancies.

Statement 9. Women who have had a caesarean section are monitored for postoperative complications.

This quality standard is part of a collection of maternity quality standards, of which antenatal care, intrapartum care and postnatal care will form the core pathway. The full set of quality standards, including all the maternity quality standards that should be considered when commissioning and providing high-quality maternity services are listed in Related NICE quality standards.