Induction of labour

Induction of labour

The quality standard for induction of labour is made up of 3 statements that describe high-quality care for women having induction of labour. These statements set out the quality of care you should receive.

1. Women who are offered induction of labour (labour that is artificially started using a pessary, tablet or gel) are given personalised information by their healthcare professionals about the reasons for induction of labour, the benefits and risks for them and their babies, and the alternatives to induction.

2. Women who have induction of labour started in a hospital maternity unit and then go home to wait for the induction to work are offered monitoring for a time before they leave the unit, and given information about who to contact if contractions start or they have any concerns, and about the types of pain relief available.

3. Women who have induction of labour are offered pain relief that is appropriate for the amount of pain they are experiencing and the type of pain relief they request.

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