Quality standard

List of quality statements

List of quality statements

Statement 1 Infants and children under 5 years with unexplained fever have their risk of serious illness assessed and recorded using the traffic light system.

Statement 2 Infants and children under 5 years who are seen in person by a healthcare professional have their temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate and capillary refill time measured and recorded if fever is suspected.

Statement 3 Infants and children presenting with unexplained fever of 38°C or higher have a urine sample tested within 24 hours.

See statement 1 of NICE's quality standard on urinary tract infection in infants, children and young people for the quality measures, what the quality statement means, source guidance and definitions.

Statement 4 Parents and carers who are advised that they can care for an infant or child under 5 years with unexplained fever at home are given safety net advice, including information on when to seek further help.