Antibiotics for neonatal infection

Antibiotics for neonatal infection

The quality standard for antibiotics for neonatal infection is made up of 5 statements that describe high-quality care for newborn babies who have or may develop an infection. These statements set out the quality of care they should receive.

1. Pregnant women who had a previous baby with an infection called group B Streptococcus, or whose tests during this pregnancy show group B Streptococcus bacteria in their bodies, are offered antibiotics and given the first dose as soon as possible after their labour has started.

2. Mothers and their newborn babies have an assessment to check whether the baby is at risk of infection.

3. Newborn babies less than 72 hours old who need antibiotic treatment for an infection receive it within 1 hour.

4. Newborn babies being given antibiotic treatment for an infection have their treatment checked after 36 hours to see whether they need to continue it.

5. Parents or carers of newborn babies who may be at risk of developing an infection have a healthcare professional discuss this with them and give them written information about infection in newborn babies before they leave hospital. The information should include how to check whether the baby might have an infection and who to contact if they are concerned.

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