List of quality statements

List of quality statements

Statement 1 Women first presenting with urinary incontinence have a physical examination, recording of the type and duration of symptoms, and categorisation of the urinary incontinence.

Statement 2 Women first presenting with urinary incontinence are asked to complete a bladder diary for a minimum of 3 days and given advice about the impact that lifestyle changes can have.

Statement 3 Women with urinary incontinence are only offered containment products as a temporary coping strategy, or as long‑term management if treatment is unsuccessful.

Statement 4 Women with stress or mixed urinary incontinence who are able to contract their pelvic floor muscles are offered a trial of supervised pelvic floor muscle training of at least 3 months' duration as first‑line treatment.

Statement 5 Women with symptoms of urgency or mixed urinary incontinence are offered bladder training for a minimum of 6 weeks as first‑line treatment.

Statement 6 Women with urinary incontinence have indwelling urethral catheters for long‑term treatment only if they have an assessment and discussion of the practicalities and potential urological complications.

Statement 7 Women with overactive bladder or stress urinary incontinence symptoms have a local multidisciplinary team review before surgery or other invasive treatment.