Overview and resources

Overview and resources

Commissioning care in line with NICE quality standards should enable commissioners to be confident that the services they are commissioning are cost‑effective and focused on driving quality and improvement in priority areas.

This resource provides information on key clinical, cost and service‑related issues to consider during the commissioning process for psychosis and schizophrenia services. It is underpinned by NICE's quality standard for psychosis and schizophrenia in adults. More detail can be found in the source guidance for the quality standard and this commissioning support may not cover all areas of the care pathway. Commissioners can use content from the specifying services section to review local or regional service specifications depending on service need and local arrangements for psychosis and schizophrenia services.

More information about NICE support for commissioning

Use the NICE pathway on psychosis and schizophrenia for fast access to NICE guidance and implementation resources to support commissioning for these conditions.

This page was last updated: 12 February 2015