Quality standard

List of quality statements

List of quality statements

Statement 1 People who transfer into a care home have their medicines listed by the care home on the day that they transfer.

Statement 2 Providers of health or social care services send a discharge summary, including details of the person's current medicines, with a person who transfers to or from a care home.

Statement 3 People who live in care homes are supported to self‑administer their medicines if they wish to and it does not put them or others at risk.

Statement 4 Prescribers responsible for people who live in care homes provide comprehensive instructions for using and monitoring all newly prescribed medicines.

Statement 5 People who live in care homes have medication reviews undertaken by a multidisciplinary team.

Statement 6 Adults who live in care homes and have been assessed as lacking capacity are only administered medicine covertly if a management plan is agreed after a best interests meeting.