List of quality statements

List of quality statements

Statement 1. Adults aged 45 or over are diagnosed with osteoarthritis clinically without investigations if they have activity‑related joint pain and any morning joint stiffness lasts no longer than 30 minutes.

Statement 2. Adults newly diagnosed with osteoarthritis have an assessment that includes pain, impact on daily activities and quality of life.

Statement 3. Adults with osteoarthritis participate in developing a self‑management plan that directs them to any support they may need.

Statement 4. Adults with osteoarthritis are advised to participate in muscle strengthening and aerobic exercise.

Statement 5. Adults with osteoarthritis who are overweight or obese are offered support to lose weight.

Statement 6. Adults with osteoarthritis discuss and agree the timing of their next review with their primary healthcare team.

Statement 7. Adults with osteoarthritis are supported with non‑surgical core treatments for at least 3 months before any referral for consideration of joint surgery.

Statement 8. Healthcare professionals do not use scoring tools to identify which adults with osteoarthritis are eligible for referral for consideration of joint surgery.