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Obesity in children and young people: prevention and lifestyle weight management programmes [QS94]

Measuring the use of this guidance

Statement: 1

Children and young people, and their parents or carers, using vending machines in local authority and NHS venues can buy healthy food and drink options.

Quality standard measure: Proportion of local authority and NHS venues used by children and young people with vending machines that have vending machines that contain healthy food and drink options.
What was measured: Proportion of vending machines assessed that served both healthy food and healthy drink option.
Data collection end: July 2016
Number that met the criteria: 7 / 18
Area covered: Local
Source: James A; Birch L; Fletcher P; Pearson S; Boyce C; Ness A; Hamilton-Shield J; Lithander F (2017) Are food and drink retailers within NHS venues adhering to NICE Quality standard 94 guidance on childhood obesity? A cross-sectional study of two large secondary care NHS hospitals in England.

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