Wisdom teeth - removal: review proposal: october 14

Proposal to keep the existing guidance on the static list

TA1; Guidance on the extraction of wisdom teeth, was moved to the static list of technology appraisals in January 2003.

The Institute has been made aware of new evidence which has led to a formal consideration of a review of the existing guidance via a ‘Review Proposal’.

Having considered all of the available evidence, the Institute does not believe that the prophylactic removal of healthy wisdom teeth is beneficial and therefore the existing recommendations do not need to be updated. As a result, we propose that TA1 should remain on the static list.

Despite this, NICE recognises that the recommendations in TA1 are controversial and therefore we would like to consult with relevant stakeholders and invite comments as to whether this is the most appropriate course of action. Stakeholders who disagree with this proposal are invited to provide evidence that support the view that the guidance should be updated.

Please see appendix A for a full list of the organisations we have contacted. 

October 2014


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