Sleep apnoea - continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP): review proposal - December 2011

Proposal to move guidance to the static list

The revised date for review of the above guidance was mid 2011. 

This is the date at which the Institute decides whether sufficient new evidence has emerged for the Appraisal Committee to be asked to undertake a full review appraisal. 

No new evidence has emerged that would change the recommendations of TA139. The results of MOSAIC study showed patients with mild OSAHS treated with CPAP did not experience a reduction in vascular risk at the five-year mark. CPAP therapy, however, was found to be effective in reducing daytime sleepiness (measured by the Epworth Sleepiness Score). This result would not impact on the current recommendation for patients with OSAHS.  Based on this information it is proposed that the guidance is placed on the static list.

Topics on the static list may be transferred back to the active list for further consideration if new evidence becomes available that is likely to have a material effect on the last guidance issued.

In order to be completely confident that this is appropriate, we are asking all relevant consultees and commentators, to inform us of any evidence which will help us decide the best way to update this guidance. 

Please see appendix A for a full list of the organisations we have contacted. 

This page was last updated: 05 December 2011