Osteoporosis - primary prevention: further investigation of new data following ACD

The Appraisal Committee has asked for further investigation of new data received during the consultation on the Appraisal Consultation Document (ACD) concerning the epidemiology of osteoporosis in the UK.

The Committee will consider the results of this further analysis at their meeting on April 7 2004. Given the extent and nature of the further analysis required, the Committee will be interested to receive the views of consultees on this further work. The Committee will therefore reformulate its provisional conclusions and issue a second ACD following the April 7 meeting.

The ACD developed at this meeting will be issued to consultees approximately 15 working days after the meeting for a four week consultation period. The additional analyses will also be circulated at this time for review and comment. The ACD will be published on the NICE website approximately 20 days after the meeting for a three week public consultation.

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