7 Implementation

7 Implementation

7.1 When NICE recommends a treatment 'as an option', the NHS must make sure it is available within 3 months of this guidance being published. This means that, if a patient has pancreatic cancer and the doctor responsible for their care thinks that gemcitabine is the right treatment, it should be available for use, in line with NICE's recommendations.

7.2 Clinicians should review their current clinical practice for the management of pancreatic cancer against the guidance set out in section 1.

7.3 Relevant clinical guidelines and protocols should be reviewed in light of this guidance and revised if necessary.

7.4 To enable clinicians to audit their own compliance with this guidance it is recommended that, if not already in place, management plans are recorded for each patient with pancreatic cancer.

7.5 This information should be incorporated into local clinical audit data recording systems and consideration given (if not already in place) to the establishment of appropriate categories in electronic record systems.

7.6 Prospective clinical audit programmes should record the proportion of treatments adhering to the guidance. Such programmes are likely to be more effective in improving patient care when they form part of the organisation's formal clinical governance arrangements and where they are linked to specific post-graduate activities.