Renal cell carcinoma (advanced) - evaluation report

01a - Final updated post-appeal Scope

01b- Final updated post-appeal Matrix of Consultees and Commentators

02- Post-appeal Manufacturer/sponsor addendum submission- Pfizer

03a - NICE request to the manufacturer for clarification

on their submission

03b- Manufacturer clarification response

04a- Post-appeal patient group submission- James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer

04b- Post-appeal patient group submission-  Kidney Cancer Support Network

05a- Post-appeal Patient expert personal perspective- Hanlon

05b- Post-appeal Clinical expert personal perspective-Hawkins

06- Post-appeal Evidence Review Group report addendum factual accuracy check  prepared by

Kleijnen Systematic Reviews

07-Post-appeal Erratum to the Evidence Review Group report addendum prepared by Kleijnen Systematic Reviews

08-Post-appeal Grunwald abstract summary prepared by Pfizer

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