Crohn's disease (moderate to severe) - vedolizumab: committee papers

Table of contents


Committee papers part 1

01. Pre-Meeting Briefing prepared by NICE

02. Submission from the technology manufacturer - Takeda

03. NICE request to the manufacturer for clarification on their submission

04. NICE request to the manufacturer for additional clarification on their submission

05. Manufacturer clarification response


Committee papers part 2

06. Consultee submission - British Society of Gastroentrology

07. Consultee submission - Crohns and Colitis UK

08. Consultee submission - Royal College of Physicians

09. Consultee submission - United Clinical Pharmacy Association

10. Patient expert personal perspective - Battersby

11. Patient expert personal perspective - Phillips

12. Clinical expert statement declaration - Murphy

13. Clinical expert statement declaration - Sanderson

14. Evidence Review Group report prepared by School of Health Related Research, University of Sheffield

15. Evidence Review Group report - Updated pages

16. Manufacturer factual accuracy check of Evidence Review Group report


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