Review decision – January 2019

Decision to move the existing guidance to the static list

We would like to update you on the decision made regarding the review of the existing guidance on:

  • TA377 Enzalutamide for treating metastatic hormone-relapsed prostate cancer not previously treated with chemotherapy
  • TA387 Abiraterone for treating metastatic hormone-relapsed prostate cancer before chemotherapy is indicated
  • TA391 Cabazitaxel for hormone-relapsed metastatic prostate cancer treated with docetaxel (review of TA255)

There are no new data to suggest that enzalutamide, abiraterone or cabazitaxel would be less clinically effective or cost effective than estimated at the time the 3 pieces of guidance were issued.

NICE’s Guidance Executive has decided to proceed with this proposal without consultation.

Consequently, TA377, TA387 and TA391 will move to the ‘static list’ of technology appraisals.

Review decision paper

Matrix of stakeholders

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