2 The technology

2 The technology

Marketing authorisation

Collagenase clostridium histolyticum (CCH) is indicated for treating Dupuytren's contracture in adults with a palpable cord.

Recommended dose and schedule

The recommended dose of CCH is 0.58 mg per injection into a palpable Dupuytren's cord. The volume of solvent needed and the volume of reconstituted CCH to be administered into the cord differs depending on the type of joint being treated.

• For cords affecting metacarpophalangeal joints, each dose is administered in an injection volume of 0.25 ml.

• For cords affecting proximal interphalangeal joints, each dose is administered in an injection volume of 0.20 ml.

Injections in up to 2 cords or 2 affected joints in the same hand can be given during a treatment visit. Two palpable cords affecting 2 joints may be injected or 1 palpable cord affecting 2 joints in the same finger may be injected at 2 locations during a treatment visit. Each injection contains a 0.58 mg dose. If the disease has resulted in multiple contractures, additional cords may be treated at other treatment visits approximately 4 weeks apart.


CCH proposed list price is £572 per 0.90 mg vial excluding VAT.

Costs may vary in different settings because of negotiated procurement discounts.

  • National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)