Review Proposal - July 2010

Review of NICE Technology Appraisal Guidance no. 49; ultrasound locating devices for placing central venous catheters

Proposal to move guidance to the static list

As you may be aware the planned date for review of the above guidance was April 2010.

This is the date at which the Institute decides whether sufficient new evidence has emerged for the Appraisal Committee to be asked to undertake a full review appraisal.

Having re-run the search strategy from the original assessment report the Institute has not found any relevant additions to the evidence base that would have a material effect on the guidance. The newly identified evidence is not likely to change the current guidance. Consequently, we propose that the original guidance should be transferred to the static list.

Topics on the static list may be transferred back to the active list for further appraisal if new evidence becomes available that is likely to have a material effect on the last guidance issued.

July 2010


Appendix A: Matrix of stakeholders

Appendix B: Proposal paper presented to the Institute's Guidance Executive

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