Review decision – October 2018 (TA166)

In December 2017 we consulted on a proposal to partially update NICE technology appraisal guidance on cochlear implants for children and adults with severe to profound deafness (TA166).

The proposal was to update recommendation 1.5 of the guidance.

Responses to the consultation were supportive of the proposal. As a result recommendation 1.5 will be updated. This will be conducted through a new appraisal.

Process for the update

This appraisal will follow the process described in the review proposal. That is we plan to invite submissions from stakeholders on recommendation 1.5 only. Based on these submissions:

  • Develop new draft wording for recommendation 1.5.
  • Expose the draft recommendation 1.5 to stakeholders, and clinical, patient, and NHS experts (in line with the proposed technical engagement step for adjusted technology appraisal).
  • Hold a committee discussion on 3 October 2018 on the new wording and definition of the eligibility criteria. We will not be inviting experts to that meeting.
  • Issue an ACD or FAD depending on whether the committee diverges substantively from the draft wording that went out for technical engagement or the suggestions made by stakeholders during the technical engagement.

A new scope will not be issued.

The remaining recommendations in TA166 will remain on the static list.

Review decision paper

This page was last updated: 03 October 2018