Review Decision - May 2014

Review of NICE Technology Appraisal Guidance No.92; HealOzone for the treatment of tooth decay (occlusal pit and fissure caries and root caries)

The Institute was proposing that TA92 should be withdrawn, as there was no new evidence that proved the clinical effectiveness of the technology, and it appeared that the product was no longer being actively marketed by the manufacturer.

Responses received from stakeholders during the consultation suggested that this may not be the most appropriate course of action. One stakeholder provided evidence that the product is still being marketed, and there were concerns expressed that a withdrawal of the guidance may be misinterpreted as an endorsement.

Consequently, after consideration of all of the comments (attached as Appendix A), the Institute’s Guidance Executive has decided that TA92 should not be withdrawn, but instead should be moved to the static list of technology appraisals. Topics on the static list can be considered for review if any new evidence becomes available that is likely to lead to a change in the existing recommendations..

May 2014


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