NICE begins phased restart of non-COVID-19 guidance

NICE has begun a phased restart of publishing non-COVID-19 guidance as the NHS and wider health and care system start to return to normal arrangements.

NICE’s revised publication targets for this financial year include 4 guideline topics with more to be added to the list in the coming weeks, 8 quality standards, up to 70 technology appraisals and highly specialised technologies guidance and up to 42 interventional procedures, diagnostics and medical technologies guidance.

Since mid-March NICE has focused on supporting the health and care system by developing 21 rapid COVID-19 related guidelines, and other therapeutically-critical guidance.

NICE has also supported efforts to accelerate patient access to potential treatments and diagnostics for COVID-19. 

NICE’s guidelines and quality standards

The first guidelines to publish will be:

The first quality standards to publish will be:

NICE’s health technology evaluation programmes

The first guidance to publish will be:

When deciding which pieces of guidance to publish first, the following was considered; the clinical priority of the topic, its stage of development and original planned publication date, as well as committee availability and staff capacity.

Other guidance will follow, and new expected publication dates will be added to the specific topic pages on the NICE website when they are confirmed.

NICE’s guidance centres and developers will communicate directly with committees and registered stakeholders to inform them of how specific guidance topics are likely to be affected.