12 June 2017

GPs welcome behind NICE doors Dr James Larcombe and Dr Julian Treadwell

Practicing GPs James and Julian talk about why they’re excited to be involved in NICE’s new GP reference panel.

GP opening NICE panel

Like all GPs, we’ve been using NICE guidelines in our daily lives for years now. If you’re anything like us, you’ve had several reactions to these. On the one hand, it’s wonderful to have such trustworthy evidence summaries on every topic under the sun available to guide us, but sometimes we might feel differently. You might feel that you’re being told what to do, that the recommendations don’t feel like they suit your patients, that they don’t seem to be answering the questions you or your patients’ need, or perhaps they might be tricky to understand.

NICE does understand this and wants to make its guidance better for front-line clinicians. This panel has been deliberately set up to try and capture the voices of GPs on the ground (not those in the ‘ivory towers’). It will run as an informal on-line group, starting off with one or two guidelines, gathering views and listening to good ideas.

We know that everyone is really busy and that we like to communicate in plain English so things will be kept simple – no form filling, no need to read complicated papers. Contribute as much or as little as you can.

Please join us – we hope to form an enthusiastic and supportive group who together can really make a difference to how we develop and receive guidance and evidence. Guidelines we are asked to use should have our needs and our patients’ needs at their heart.

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  • I feel that GP's are poorly represented on NICE panels. The guidelines produced are by and large excellent but often reflect a recommendation to change clinical practice that would literally melt local healthcare systems.

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